Top tourist attractions in Serbia

The rich history and culture of Serbia is the vital reason why it is among the best tourist destinations in Europe. Here, in Serbia, you will get a chance to explore the magnificent beauty of the past that is highly preserved until now. But still, this region is much updated and it has encountered many changes.

The stunning places and tourist attractions in Serbia make it much more interesting and a major travel destination in Europe.

In Serbia you can perform uncountable things, such as you can enjoy the nature here, admire the modern architecture, explore the historical values of the country.

If you are travelling towards Serbia in these vacations then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

In this travel guide, I have shortlisted some of the top tourist attractions in Serbia.

Let’s have a look at them.


Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia which showcases the beauty and awesomeness of the environment here.

The people living here are polite, friendly, highly engaging, and supportive as well, they are extremely courteous when it comes to the welcoming of outsiders.

That is maybe the first reason that travelers keep flocking here each day and throughout the year.

Serbia had to fight over one hundred fifteen wars and then was Belgrade burnt down forty-four times. Today, the town has emerged into one of the fashionable urban institutions. It currently remains one of the foremost far-famed places to go to in Serbia. The Belgrade defensive structure is the city‘s most far-famed historical website with museums and churches. The 400,000 exhibits, and also the inventor repository, with thousands of the inventors’ personal things and documents, are well preserved and exhibited within the National repository here. outlay a vacation to Belgrade is like experiencing the gallantry of the past era of this region.

This place is famous for sightseeing, day trips, and educational trips.


Subotica is one in all the most effective places to visit in Serbia especially for the Catholics. Constructed in 1797 with showcasing Gothic and Romanesque architecture, the Cathedral of the St. Theresa of Avila has unbroken on behind its splendid beauty. Antiques and works of art are found during this depository of the Cathedral. This place is encircled by stunning homes and fascinating palaces. The show of wealthiness and beauty of the past is extremely abundant distinguished at Subotica even these days.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second-largest city located in Serbia and no doubt it is prettiest among all the cities in the country.

Here, the Danube River comprehends a vital role in the history of this country. It brings mesmerizing moments that are further accompanied by the beautiful music turns here.

In Novi Sad, you can explore different colorful buildings, take a free walk tour across the whole area, taste local food, visit the monasteries guarding Novi Sad.

Make sure to add this place in your list while traveling to Serbia as Novi sad is worth it

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